3 Things To Be Prepared For During The Monsoon 

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The monsoon comes with heavy rains and winds, dust and water storms, and lightning strikes amid the hottest and the most humid days of the year. It’s better to prepare your mind to deal with the drastic effects of monsoons. The frequent and heavy rains may provide a bit of relief from the sun but if you and your home are unprepared for the heavy downpours, flash floods, electricity cuts, heavy lighting, and storms, it can ravage your home. So, better prepare yourself, your kids, you home and it’s surrounding for any potential damage, monsoon can cause. Here is a safety checklist to consider for the monsoon.

Prepare Your Home

To avoid heavy maintenance down the road, it’s better to prepare your home and its surroundings for and during the monsoon. If your roof restoration is pending for a couple of months, or if any tiles of shingles need to be replaced, now is the best time to get it repaired by roof restoration melbourne. Also pay heed to the sloping sections, clean the valleys between them. Keep in check any potential corner of your living room, your basement, or garage that needs repair. There are gaps and cracks that need to be sealed for avoiding any wreck to your house during the flash floods. Any spot may lead to serious consequences. To avoid any electricity mishaps, have surge protection in your house to save your electric appliance from high voltage.

Prepare & Protect Your Kids

Rainy days are the happiest for the kids but parents know that it invites illness that can easily enter their doors without knowing. For example, when a kid baths in the rain, his body temperate drops and a sudden drop in the temperature develop diseases. Always ask your kids to take a shower afterward, this will help to stabilize their body temperature. Provide them a reliable rain gear that includes rain boots, raincoats, and umbrellas when they head out of the house. Ask them to wash their hands with antiseptic handwash often especially when they come home from the outside, so they won’t carry the germs with them inside of the house. Give them a healthy diet as it will increase their immunity to fight the disease-carrying germs, monsoon brings.

Prepare Your Surroundings

While you can place French drains in your home to give way to rainy water outside your home. Make sure you just don’t dump water and eventually the water-borne diseases in your surroundings. Clean any form of stagnant water from and nearby your home ground. Moreover, the surrounding trees of your house are prone to lose their strong limbs when a monsoon storm hits. The broken limbs can damage the surrounding roofs and block the water drainage. Prune off the branches that can blow away with the wind and cut down any younger trees that would not make it through the heavy rains and storms. One must be more responsible to himself and his surroundings to deal with the drastic events monsoon brings.


It’s better to keep a stock of daily household items such as groceries, milk, and readily available meals to avoid leaving the home during the dust storms. But if you have to venture out of your home in the middle of the rain, be informed about the weather conditions of your city. Look for weather forecasts, and severe lightning notification services. It’s better to be more vigilant and careful in the season.




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