Tips for hiring arborist Sutherland Shire

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If you are thinking about changing the landscape of your yard or the garden, you might have thought about hiring an arborist in Sutherland Shire. However it is something which should be done carefully if you want to ensure a good experience. The following would make it easy for you to hire a tree service which does an excellent job.


Ask about certifications from arborists in Sutherland Shire

When you hire an arborist you should look for somebody who is reliable and works for a accredited company. For this you might have to take a look at the certifications and the experience the professional in a company has. Ask if they have certifications which would allow them to become licensed tree experts. Plus they should also carry the certified tree care safety professional or certified arborist along with their name.

Be on the lookout for reviews

When hiring an arborist make sure they should have some positive reviews. Reading the reviews would allow you to make the right decision so that you know about the kind of customer service that they provide. It is important that they provide you with Quality Services.


Get proof of insurance

Just because a tree service says that it is licensed doesn’t mean that you have to go for their word. Its necessary to have a licence for an arborist. However it is important that they are certified and licensed to work as a tree care service

Any certified arborist would be happy to provide you proof of the certifications and insurance. Looking at the insurance, make sure that it has the current date and accurate policy number written on it.

Other things you need to consider

If you want to know how well the arborist works it is best that you take a look at the finished product in person. You can try visiting the recent job site and then asking for a list of references. This will provide you enough information to know what kind of service they provide.

It is also important that you get to know how long the project would take. When you have a time frame in mind you would be able to understand whether you would need to be present while they are working or they could work without your presence.

Get to know whether to use spikes for pruning trees. Spikes can often create a fungus that might lead to decay and sprout growth. As a result the tree can produce natural branches which might affect the shape of the tree during the maturing process. It is best that the spikes are used on dead trees only.

Last but not the least get to know about the safety standards. It is important because safety is a huge part of the Sutherland Shire tree removal service business. If the take the correct safety measures it would help keep you and your property safe. Get to know what kind of procedures they have in place and how they implement it while they are working.

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