How to remove pigeons from your roof

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Generally, your roof can be made (ventilated and non-ventilated) with a wooden or concrete structure : the prices are oriented accordingly and, generally, building a wooden roof costs much more. If you want to build a ventilated and wooden roof you can pay up to 180 euros per square meter, while if you opt for concrete, the costs go down particularly, and range from 40/50 euros up to 90 for a ventilated roof.

The important thing, whatever the material you want to use, is the necessary presence of several levels that guarantee the solidity and safety of your roof: specifically a waterproof membrane , a batten for the roof and the roof itself , which can be in tiles or any other chosen material.

Preserving your roof: how to do it?
Building your own roof is only the first part of everything you need to do to have your ideal home. This is not a difficult matter to understand: once your roof has been installed and arranged in the best way, you need to preserve it , especially if you want to live inside your home for a long time.

There are many factors that could lead to ruining your roof , especially over the years: from atmospheric agents to external factors, such as trees that could break and ruin your roof or even pigeon guano which, containing acid substances, can lead to progressive wear of the material by using it for the covering of one’s roof.

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